About That Trip to Armenia…..

6 thoughts on “About That Trip to Armenia…..”

  1. My dear friend Dorothy still writes such descriptive articles, you almost feel that you are there with her. I would be very happy to accompany her and take photos of things she is focusing on and also join her for meals in the local favorite restaurants. Tasting the local wines would be most interesting for me.
    Stay well and stay safe, dear friend.

  2. Much appreciation for the story-behind-the-story, as I had been perplexed about the context, motivation and goals of the protest movement.

  3. I hope this gets picked up on the “wires” and gets published.

    Really good article!


  4. What a lovely surprise to hear from you, Hrachia! I’m so pleased you liked this post. It is part of a triptique, so have a look at the one before it and the one after. Armenia is really beginning to make a place in the world of Food and Wine and how-to-do-revolutions. Best wishes.

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