Destination Armenia!

After returning to Germany from Armenia last summer I was invited to a dinner party. The hosts and guests were a mix of British, German and American. Of course I took advantage of enthralling them about my wonderful trip to Armenia. I described the warm hospitality of the people, the incredibly tasty food, delicious mountain water, and the vibrant culture scene in the capital Yerevan, where you can walk almost everywhere.

Faces lit up when I introduced the topic of the country’s exciting emergence into the world of high quality winemaking from old, indigenous grape varieties. Eyes widened when I told them about archeologists discovering the oldest wine production facility in the world – 6,100 years – in a cave in a fertile, grape-growing valley. There were many questions.

I went on to describe more features of this sparsely populated highland country, such as the dramatic landscapes dotted with hundreds of prehistoric monuments, ancient churches and fortresses –  all unblemished by commercial development around them – and how this draws the visitor back to a distant time. No special effects required.

The guests were absorbing this new information like a sponge.  I even took along a few picture books to help them visualize the settings.  One of the German guests was a very well-informed business person. He belongs to a group of business people who every year plan a trip somewhere with their spouses. Here’s what he said:

“I have the impression that Armenia is still untouched by excessive commercial tourism; and that is exactly what we are looking for. Maybe for our next organized trip we should think about Armenia as our destination!”

Armenia should definitely be on your wish list of destinations too.  In fact National Geographic has noticed that Armenia is one of  “10 Places that Deserve More Travelers” and that Armenia ranked as one of the “Six Best Food Cities for 2017 .” The United Nations World Tourism Organisation placed Armenia in the Top 20 places to visit for 2017, as reported in Travel+Leisure Magazine. Armenia is a family friendly country and considered one of the safest for personal security. The rapidly growing hospitality sector is efficient, courteous and very accommodating. You can easily have your itinerary tailored to your personal wishes. Finally, Armenia is really easy on the budget. How to do Armenia? I’ll be serving up some tips, like little appetizers. Even if you can’t go, you will at least have a little taste.

Featured Photo by Dorothy Garabedian – Amberd (Fortress in the Clouds), a 7th century fortress perched high on a slope at 2,300 meters/7,500 ft. Two rivers flow around the mountain. The small church is 11th century. To learn more about the site click here.

Early Spring in Yerevan. Mounts Ararat and Masis in the Background.
Photo credit: Raffi Youredjian/flickr

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8 thoughts on “Destination Armenia!

  1. another great article, Dorothy. Makes me wish i had bid on it. would have demanded an apartment facing those mountains so i could sit with a cuppa at a window and just relax looking out.




    1. Wishful thinking but there are no apartments anywhere around there. It’s virgin territory, unchanged from the 13th century to the 20th century. There is, however, a little outpost that serves a delicious lunch where you can eat before this magnificent view which I’ll be writing about in a future post – a tailor-made excursion. Stay tuned!

  2. I’d love to go to Armenia but you need to work on my Armenian wife, Doris. At the end of our riverboat cruise this summer we’ll be in Romania but instead of making the short flight to Armenia it’s back to Frankfurt to visit you. So when we are visiting with you you really need to go to work on her!!!

  3. You are so interesting Dorothy. I wish I could hear more about your travels there. It sounds very interesting especially the part with the indigenous grapes. Did you try some wines?
    Hope you are well.

    1. Thank you Ron and you WILL be hearing more about my travels and other interesting things. Did I try the wines in Armenia???? I was with my gourmet relatives from France. Need I say more? One of my cousins is becoming quite a wine connaisseur and collector. For 15 days we tested as much food and wine as possible. Everything we ate and drank – including the water – was amazing. By the time I finish my series on Armenia you and Kathy will be making flight plans!

  4. Great article! Thanks.

    Hope all those new tourists are the ones who will appreciate and respect magnificent Armenia. I am going to search for the beautiful pictures I took there. Have wonderful memories. I was in awe most of the time.


  5. Dorothy, I must tell you that your description of Armenia is extraordinary. The country is worth making a detour from wherever we are. I was surprised to discover how attractive it was and I am glad you brought it to light. You should organize a trip to it.

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