Armenia in Winter

9 thoughts on “Armenia in Winter”

  1. You are very talented. What a wonderful article and story. Not many people in the world know about this wonderful and beautiful place.

    I would expect you could sell this one to an airlines magazine or a Rick Stevens type travel Promoter. Thanks so much for enlightening me. I am sure many others would love to read this as well. Great job!!

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  2. DDDDDDDDD – Very interesting, but so very cold – much like here today (WashDC)! Do you have a similar show for summer? Regards; MF

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  3. A winter armchair journey–heaven! This is wonderful. I feel like I’ve been to Armenia. Waiting patiently for my next trip. Thank you!

  4. What an interesting article and such incredible photographs! They make me want to go to Armenia!!!! Time to look up flights! Thanks for sharing, Dorothy.

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