“What A Lovely Thing a Rose Is”

2 thoughts on ““What A Lovely Thing a Rose Is””

  1. Congratulations Dorothy,

    You did it again with a beautiful blog on roses, asking as to “Why are roses so captivating?”

    My answer is very simple. Where else can anyone find such beautifully formed petals, none looking alike in form but always looking differently just like the snow flakes, in many varied colors, each petal looking different as if they were painted by the strokes of different painters, and the varied fragrances to satisfy millions of us, yet every stem of them full of sharp thorns to hurt any of us so painfully that we curse them, or like the ones in my garden but not in the neighbor’s garden, being destroyed by the unforeseen bugs in the middle of the summer just before their full growth.
    So much beauty to be enjoyed, so much to cry about their dying!

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