Could The Making Of A Cookbook Be Dangerous?

It was supposed to be a routine cookbook research expedition; but the jet-lagged team of culinary professionals from the U.S. West Coast arriving in Armenia in mid-April would quickly learn that “sometimes cookbook writing can take you in many directions.” Their arrival coincided with Armenia erupting into country-wide democracy protests. There they were – smack … Continue reading Could The Making Of A Cookbook Be Dangerous?

In Memorium

This post is a dedication to the memory of 1.5 million Armenians who perished under brutal and barbaric circumstances in the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and to the courageous survivors who are no longer with us. To my family. For many decades Armenians have commemorated April 24 as the day that officially began the annihilation … Continue reading In Memorium

Holiday Gift Ideas with Armenian Themes

Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas for special people on your list? Here are three brief summaries of gift suggestions coming out of Europe, each with unique and refreshing Armenian themes. In his entertaining book, Tour De Armenia, London-based traveler and photographer, Rafi Youredjian, humorously chronicles his varied adventures and the delicate situations he … Continue reading Holiday Gift Ideas with Armenian Themes