The Easter Egg Duel – A charming Armenian tradition

5 thoughts on “The Easter Egg Duel – A charming Armenian tradition”

  1. Dear Dorothy!!! Thank you, but…. we have always thought this type of duel was OUR tradition!!!!! We HAVE BEEN DOING IT AT EVERY SINGLE EASTER BREAKFAST!!!!!!

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    1. Uh Oh. This could lead to a dangerous expansion of Easter egg duels! Of course Armenia would not want to put its neighbour and friend Russia – which share numerous customs – in a disadvantaged situation (Armenia would certainly win) but other claimants to Easter egg dueling traditions would certainly jump on the wagon. In order to avoid the potential of a serious, escalating conflict we should form an International Organisation of Easter Egg Dueling Cultures.

  2. I will never look at an Easter egg again without thinking of your story. It’s such a wonderful tradition and you wrote about it so well. I sat at my laptop and forwarded your website/story to all my friends as an Easter greeting. You will certainly be in my thoughts next Easter when I introduce this Armenian duel to my family. Easter will never be the same!

  3. I’m 69 years old and distinctly remember cracking Easter eggs for many years with cousins.
    Growing up Armenian and observing traditions like this remind me just how lucky I have been all my life

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