France: Lyon’s World-Class Fabric Museum

An article by Dorothy Garabedian for France Today.

Please read my latest article for France Today which is about a one-of-a-kind museum in the world that is the heart and soul of a city.  I hope you will find the museum as appealing as I do. (Click here…)

There is also a fascinating back story about the 152-years-old museum which should make for an interesting future blog post. In a nutshell, however, the museum narrowly escaped a sudden and brutal closure in March. The museum will stay open through the end of 2016. The tense situation on the potential closure of this unique museum involves mysterious forces, the Government of France and a vociferous local and international community committed to preservng culture.  The turmoil has aroused much attention and concern in French media and the blogosphere.  Presently, the situation is at an impasse while the clock is ticking away…


Photo: Archival samples – Le Musée des Tissus Lyon (Zopereuse/Flickr)



3 thoughts on “France: Lyon’s World-Class Fabric Museum

  1. Super interesting. And to think I was in Interpol Headquarters also in Lyon, and had no idea of the museums presence. I will do in person visit the next time I am there.

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