Off on a Detour

11 thoughts on “Off on a Detour”

  1. Thanks…..and the same to you….a Happy and Healthy 2016! Any plans to come to the US? If so, you’re welcome here in West Palm Beach! xxx

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Dorothy. Sorry to hear about your hip problems – what a nuisance. I know several people who had hip replacements and they turned out well. I hope it is the same for you.
    Constance Keylard

  3. All our fellow renovation experienced veterans know of the pain and suffering involved in such projects. We understand your being ” off the air” and welcome your return .

    Your pending hip replacement can improve your life. Paul Higdon my Ft Lauderdale neighbor and DEA alumnus had both hips done in France some years ago. He hops around like a rabbit and has boundless energy. This is, says he, a miracle for those who were in pain and recommends it highly.

    We all await your latest Christmas and New Year adventures. We also will enjoy seeing photos of the renovation results. A hearty welcome back!!

  4. Dear Dorothy!!! Wishing you health and speedy recovery from ypur hip replacement! I don’t doubt your newly renovated gorgeous apt will help the recovery!!! As one of Rissian proverbs says” at home even walls help”

  5. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! So sorry to hear you are facing a hip replacement. I thought you might be going to the “reunion” in Uruguay which Mary K. Is headed to in a few weeks…but doesn’t sound like it. Take care…climate!

  6. Hi Dor,
    I’m happy that you have your office back again and that your reno is done. I will miss you in Uruguay as Kristina mentioned but soon you will have a new hip and your travel adventures will continue again. Best of luck with it.
    Love, Mary

  7. Dear Dorothy, after seeing your renovation photos I can well imagine the dust and inconvenience. All the best for your hip replacement. At least there is an excellent rehab clinic nearby.
    My village house still needs more work — it seems it will never be ready.
    Wishing you good health and happiness in the New Year.

  8. I am an newcomer and also late in saying good luck with your surgery and if you have already had it good wishes for a full recovery…after re-hab consider Pilates…its a wonderful …

    1. Thank you! The surgery is done. Turned out great and I am recovering quite well. Therapy starts soon. After three months I will be back to my Pilates classes and other activities. I work out on the Reformer and Cadillac and some other equipment. You’re right. It’s wonderful and I kept it up until surgery though I had to stop other activities. Not Pilates! And that is why I am recovering so well!

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