Paris, the French Way (Part 1)

To make the most of your visit(s) to Paris you should do as the French do. They break things down into small but sublime luxuries. It’s part of the way they live. They indulge their senses. So, while in Paris, expose your senses to what this city is historically known for: haute luxe. Please don’t skip this post thinking it is about expensiveness.  Non, non. That is not the French way. Remember, I said small. So, let’s start with the sense that everyone immediately equates with France: taste and exquisite food.

Unimaginably delicious gustatory sensations await you with Berthillon ice creams. Oh, you are lactose intolerant? No problem. Berthillon sherbets are even better. For more than 60 years Raymond Berthillon reigned as the finest glacier in the world. Nowhere else will you find such delectable and imaginative flavors, made with only the highest quality ingredients from the best sources – whole milk, créme fraiche, sugar, fresh eggs, the freshest, flavorful fruits and natural fragrances. Be adventurous. On my last visit in July, I chose beurre salé caramel (salted butter caramel) ice cream with a scoop of pineapple sherbet. It’s hard to chose with so many inviting flavors like moka tiramisu, mandarine chocolat, praline citron et coriandre, banane café. The lists for both ice creams and sherbets are long.

Raymond Berthillon was the son of bakers. He followed the same path but eventually  took over an ice-cream café and began to perfect ice cream and sherbet-making skills. In 1961 he was ‘discovered’ by culinary critics and reviewers Gault & Millau. They wrote about the amazing glacier and his little café on the Île St. Louis. Suddenly Berthillon’s ice cream parlor was a magnet drawing people from all over the world to taste his specialties.

You can enjoy Berthillon creations at the famous little bistro-café, but it will be crowded. Many other establishments, however, also serve Berthillon products.

Whenever possible, I prefer to have my afternoon tea or desserts at places with dramatic views. How about having the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral before your eyes while eating Berthillon’s mouth-watering specialties? In nice weather you can sit on the terrace, day or night, at restaurant-café Montebello, 1 Quai de Montebello on the Seine across from Notre Dame. With every luxurious mountful you will also be paying a tribute to Monsieur Berthillon who died in August at the age of 90. His family continues the ice cream operations.


Photo: dvgarabedian

Header Photo: Frank Meitzke

5 thoughts on “Paris, the French Way (Part 1)

  1. Yum! E’s niece/hubby thought that Ben & Jerry’s was the cat’s meow when they visited in June!!! Eddie and I have Paris on our “list” but it won’t be for a while.

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  2. The other day I was thinking about how my Grandma Nectar always had ice cream & fresh fruit on hand, this love for the cool dessert has passed to my father and to me. I have so many memories surrounded by food; having a glass of wine overlooking the Danube in Budapest with Kenny, eating outdoors in Port Douglas with my family while it was raining & the palm trees shielded us… The combination of amazing food in a stunning location is bliss for me. Now, I have some ice cream to get – in Paris!

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