The Travel Experience

6 thoughts on “The Travel Experience”

  1. Hello Dorothy,

    I enjoyed reading this newsletter you sent me; thank you! I also forwarded it along to my daughter who states she may be sent eventually to Germany to visit the company she works for, and would find this information very interesting I am sure.


  2. Your presentation is wonderful, Dor, because it makes people “think” about what they know about a place, expectations, and reality. When we were embarking on our various adventures over the years, for reasons of work, vacation, family, education, etc. we were focused on “that” aspect alone and didn’t zero in on the extracurriculars……..for a lot of people “comfort zones”/inconveniences are not a reality check and/or aren’t open for discussion. There are so many quotes from world travellers but the ones that “stick” are those that suggest to be open-minded and ready to embrace the differences. I hope to catch up with you soon ANYWHERE! LD

  3. What does a big German breakfast include? I agree with your article, so why not come see me in Oaxaca! MLK

  4. Dorothy,

    I have finally opened your blog and can’t tell you how much I enjoy it.You make your descriptions very lively and interesting. Keep them going pls.


  5. Dearest Dorothy,

    I absolutely enjoyed reading your blog, read ALL posts and at some point I could almost sense the air and saw the beauty of the places you described!!! You write very well, it captures your readers’ attention!!! You have your own personal style, just as you do in decorating your house, in knowing how to entertain, in surrounding yourself with incredibly talented people, overall you are so very unique, and those who have the pleasure of knowing you, would know exactly what I mean!!!!! You know, it was as if I was hearing your voice when I was reading!!!! Miss you!!!! Love from Moscow, where you spent unforgettable seven years of your life and enjoyed every single minute of it!!!! Anna

    1. Anna, even though I don’t know you, you have described Dorothy perfectly! I agree with you.
      Mary Kurtin

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